Monday, January 18, 2010

One card read

So I asked the cards (Gummy Bear Tarot) What must I keep in mind? I pulled the Four of Wands.
To me this felt much like being happy. This card has shown up a few times in readings and I must take notice!
Since this card deals with home life I also took it to mean wanting my own place! I have been dreaming of having my own cool apartment and it looking like one of those photos from a home decorating magazine...hehe.

Whatever this card is telling me I feel positive about it :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What spirit has to say about my writing career.

The other day I did a free form reading using the Gummy Bear Tarot. I was not planning on sharing this reading at first,but I thought why not!

I asked spirit what they wanted me to know about my writing career and pulled these three cards.....

Death - When this card showed up my reaction was one of, Normally when seeing this card I do not do that. I guess I was quite surprised to get this card. I took it to mean letting go of past ideas and notions. Shedding my old self. 

Six of Wands - With this card following after I was also surprised because this card
has shown up in about three or four readings concerning the New Year! I feel this card has to do with success.

Ace of Cups - I see this last card as being new emotionally. Overwhelming feeling! Opening myself up and letting things flow!

As far as putting this into a sentence I feel the cards are telling me through death there comes victory that leads to fulfillment.

Another interesting note is how the Death and Six of Wands cards show movement toward the Ace of Cups. Like All roads lead to fulfillment of attainment.

This year I really want to get my writing in order. I have been not doing much with it in the past,but I need to get out of procrastination mode seriously.

Update : Looking at the cards again, I really did not explain it in terms relating to my writing career. 
Death - New ways of thinking, new ideas and techniques! I for a long time wanted to write romantic stories.. nothing wrong with that, but for a few months now I have been wanting to create stories that have a spiritual base to it. Not overtly so, but have spirituality tied up in it :)
Six of Wands - I felt as a cheery card. Being my own cheerleader..moving forward with the new ideas.
Ace of Cups - Letting the new creative ideas flow from within me. Falling in love with wanting to write again because for some time I was not really passionate about writing. Felt stuck and in a rut.

Thanks Kafka for your extra insight!!!! You rock!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Outer attitude, Inner truth

This spread shows my outer attitudes and my inner truth  that may be hidden from light or 
Sorry about the picture quality I may scan the pictures in later. It's not shown in the picture that way, but card 2 crossed card 1 - card 4 crossed card 3 and card 6 crossed card 5.

From Drop Box

1.Inner Truth about what you want.  
Six of Pentacles - I felt this card was saying that I wanted to give of myself. I love helping people
and although this card is about giving and receiving I felt more inclined to the giving aspect of this card.
2. Outer attitude towards achievement.
Four of Pentacles - From this card I felt that I keep my attitudes toward achievement to myself. I don't really share my achievements as I am very modest and don't want to come off as a show off.

3.Inner truth about what you need.
Queen of Cups - From this card I was not quite sure,but I feel that emotional stability is what I need. I tend to keep my emotions inside too. I need to care for myself more too like love myself.
4.Outer attitude about values.
Sun -  I immediately felt this card was speaking of positivity. I have a good attitude toward values so this is right on point. Also, I am very positive outlook wise.

5.Inner truth - your feelings.
Page of Wands - My feelings are passionate and  innocent..bubbly comes to mind. My passion is with held inside me.
6.Outer attitude - reaction.
High Priestess - I keep my feelings hidden on the outside. I am a mystery. Quiet.

7. Future inner truth to be revealed.
The Fool- I saw this as me truly bringing out the free spirit in me. I felt travel too because I have this desire to see the world and just be free!

I hope that you enjoyed this spread! Till next time :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Spread

 New Year Spread taken from the lovely Tarot Dame @

1. What I should leave behind me when the new year arrives.
The Devil - To me this card is telling me to release or cut the cords to what is not serving me.
I know exactly what it refers to and in my case a relationship and ideas I held on to for the longest time.

2. What I should take with me in the new year.
The Empress - To me this card is telling me to take comfort in myself and to take in all that is around me.
I haven't really been looking after myself much. Too focused on others,but with focusing on what I want and need that is what I should take with me in the New Year.

3. What I have to look forward to in the coming year.

Six of Wands - I saw this card as feeling happy with myself. Like overcoming my fears and finally winning.
This card has shown up in other readings I have done for myself and from someone doing a reading for me. So this card signifies good times to look forward too!

This year should be a good one I feel it!!!

A side note : These three cards totally jumped out as I shuffled and they were clumped together! Isn't that crazy!?

Happy New Years

I am happy to be sharing my personal readings with you and along the way discovering insights about myself. I have been using tarot for a while now,but find myself skipping from deck to deck and with the focus on one deck I wish to gain insight and more knowledge through tarot!

Look out for my first post either tonight or tomorrow!

Happy New Years!