Monday, January 18, 2010

One card read

So I asked the cards (Gummy Bear Tarot) What must I keep in mind? I pulled the Four of Wands.
To me this felt much like being happy. This card has shown up a few times in readings and I must take notice!
Since this card deals with home life I also took it to mean wanting my own place! I have been dreaming of having my own cool apartment and it looking like one of those photos from a home decorating magazine...hehe.

Whatever this card is telling me I feel positive about it :)


  1. Hi, Stephanie,
    I love it when a card which inspires positive thoughts keeps popping up! Gives us a real reason to smile, inside and out!
    Blessings and Light,

  2. @Trenda : Thanks!!! It is amazing how the same cards pop up! Lately the King of Wands have been showing up too. I think a new man is coming into my life...hehe.