Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What have I learned?

Since I have not posted much I just changed the first question a bit. So here are my results!

What have I learned in the past month by using this deck?

3 Wands : I feel as if this card is saying that I am still waiting or searching for more from my deck exploration.
I have not really used it everyday, but I am seeking more from myself to work with my deck.

What will I learn this second month, using this deck every day?

4 Swords : I will learn how to relax and center myself. Go within and seek the answers. Meditation comes to mind with this card.

 I have been lagging off a bit in Jan, but hope that Feb will be the month I stay on track with my PDR.


  1. Quality time. Give it your full attention, be open. There are some tarot questions in the 'Reflecting Pool' thread-around page 17-18. Ask the cards one or two of these, using a 2 card little cross(situation/challenge) draw. Journal those results-on paper or here. That'll give you some starting ideas.

    :) Leigh

  2. Thanks Leigh! I will definitely check out the thread :)