Thursday, January 7, 2010

Outer attitude, Inner truth

This spread shows my outer attitudes and my inner truth  that may be hidden from light or 
Sorry about the picture quality I may scan the pictures in later. It's not shown in the picture that way, but card 2 crossed card 1 - card 4 crossed card 3 and card 6 crossed card 5.

From Drop Box

1.Inner Truth about what you want.  
Six of Pentacles - I felt this card was saying that I wanted to give of myself. I love helping people
and although this card is about giving and receiving I felt more inclined to the giving aspect of this card.
2. Outer attitude towards achievement.
Four of Pentacles - From this card I felt that I keep my attitudes toward achievement to myself. I don't really share my achievements as I am very modest and don't want to come off as a show off.

3.Inner truth about what you need.
Queen of Cups - From this card I was not quite sure,but I feel that emotional stability is what I need. I tend to keep my emotions inside too. I need to care for myself more too like love myself.
4.Outer attitude about values.
Sun -  I immediately felt this card was speaking of positivity. I have a good attitude toward values so this is right on point. Also, I am very positive outlook wise.

5.Inner truth - your feelings.
Page of Wands - My feelings are passionate and  innocent..bubbly comes to mind. My passion is with held inside me.
6.Outer attitude - reaction.
High Priestess - I keep my feelings hidden on the outside. I am a mystery. Quiet.

7. Future inner truth to be revealed.
The Fool- I saw this as me truly bringing out the free spirit in me. I felt travel too because I have this desire to see the world and just be free!

I hope that you enjoyed this spread! Till next time :)


  1. A very insightful reading! I'm intrigued by this spread and its layout, the way the outer covers the inner.

    :) Leigh