Sunday, January 10, 2010

What spirit has to say about my writing career.

The other day I did a free form reading using the Gummy Bear Tarot. I was not planning on sharing this reading at first,but I thought why not!

I asked spirit what they wanted me to know about my writing career and pulled these three cards.....

Death - When this card showed up my reaction was one of, Normally when seeing this card I do not do that. I guess I was quite surprised to get this card. I took it to mean letting go of past ideas and notions. Shedding my old self. 

Six of Wands - With this card following after I was also surprised because this card
has shown up in about three or four readings concerning the New Year! I feel this card has to do with success.

Ace of Cups - I see this last card as being new emotionally. Overwhelming feeling! Opening myself up and letting things flow!

As far as putting this into a sentence I feel the cards are telling me through death there comes victory that leads to fulfillment.

Another interesting note is how the Death and Six of Wands cards show movement toward the Ace of Cups. Like All roads lead to fulfillment of attainment.

This year I really want to get my writing in order. I have been not doing much with it in the past,but I need to get out of procrastination mode seriously.

Update : Looking at the cards again, I really did not explain it in terms relating to my writing career. 
Death - New ways of thinking, new ideas and techniques! I for a long time wanted to write romantic stories.. nothing wrong with that, but for a few months now I have been wanting to create stories that have a spiritual base to it. Not overtly so, but have spirituality tied up in it :)
Six of Wands - I felt as a cheery card. Being my own cheerleader..moving forward with the new ideas.
Ace of Cups - Letting the new creative ideas flow from within me. Falling in love with wanting to write again because for some time I was not really passionate about writing. Felt stuck and in a rut.

Thanks Kafka for your extra insight!!!! You rock!


  1. Oh. Mah. Gah. This deck is too adorable.
    This looks quite positive and instructive.
    Death could also mean to get yourself some new pens, journals, and create a new writing atmosphere to get your creative juices flowing. Throw out half-working pens and shoddy paper. Be open to completely new ways of writing and things about which to write.

  2. That is true! I wasn't even thinking of New ways of thinking yes. I have been trying to figure out what I should be writing like what is my niche and my voice!

  3. Oh, no! Another deck for the wish list! ;-)

    I'm also hoping to use the cards to help me focus my writing goals.

    Blessings and Light,